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India is full of diversities and striking cultural mix-n-matches. One can have a holy dip in mighty River Ganga, have a romantic meeting with Taj Mahal, and roam around the superb royal palaces and lakes in Rajasthan. India Travel reflect our sincere effort to showcase the best travel and tourism destinations in India. India is incredible that’s why tourists keep flocking to the country year after year. Travelling to India is not a journey but an experience that lets you discover an amazing world beyond your own. If you love looking closely into the way of life of the people and are a travel freak, then India is the place for you.

India has several states having its own languages, cuisines, and lifestyle. In fact, calling as a mini country to its states will be more appropriate. The land of India is dotted with several tourist attractions and able to satisfy all type of tourists, whether they are nature lovers, heritage lovers, beach lovers, adventure and sports lovers or culture seeker. In fact, Religion has been also an important part of Indian culture that's why we have designed the India spiritual tour for those who seek solace in this mystique land. India is treasure of tourist attractions.

The country of India is dotted with many heritage monumental attractions. With so many cultural and geographical diversities, India has its own way of life. For a first time visitor, India is full of surprises but its earthy charm and mysticism cast a magical spell on most of the tourists. The star attraction of India is Taj Mahal is considered to be one of the seventh wonders of the world. Your India tours will be incomplete without paying a visit to this white marble love monument – Taj Mahal.

Apart from Taj Mahal, India also welcomes to Beach lover. India Beach lover tourists must indulge themselves in the exotic beaches of Goa and breathtakingly beautiful beaches of Kerala. There are also many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in India, which attract the attention of adventure and nature lover. In fact, India has all categories of tourism and never fails to impress its visitors with its unique fascination. The country of India is also well-known for its great culture & traditions of hospitality. India is full of surprises but its earthy charm and mysticism cast a magical spell on most of the tourists.

The wide variation in natural environment has resulted in the evolution of a unique culture. With so many variations and diversities, there is so much to explore in India. Traveling through this ancient land is an experience that is beyond description. Come & travel in India and find finest in its hospitality.

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  1. The state Kerala, which represents just 1% of the land mass, is considered to be one of India's most beautiful states. It is a very rural state with most of the population living in villages but is culturally and scenically diverse. Kerala has two national parks, ten wildlife sanctuaries and two bird sanctuaries. Kerala backwater Tours Packages .

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