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India has preserved its wealthy culture and heritage in its architecture and pilgrim sites. India was seen many dynasties and kings in the past who have left their history in the form of architectural designs, beautiful temples, forts, mosque, churches, palaces and monuments. Usually the temples and monuments have been built in "Dravidian", "Nagara", "Vesara" style of architecture.

North Indian culture is also about in respect of elders, honoring heroes and cherishing love. Indian culture has a very lofty level of tolerance and hence the advent of so many external cultures was not restricted. It is a land of aspirations, achievements and self reliance..Indian history is about war heroes during Indus valley civilization and the initial time when currency was coined. Indian history talks a lot about self reliance especially in terms of food and agricultural produce. The modern agriculture also shows a lot of aboriginal methods of preserving the produce. The Chola dynasty, the great King Emperor Ashoka and the secular era of Emperor Akbar will always be green in our memory. Several books are written on the rich Indian culture wherein the saints preserved the Vedas and scriptures.

When we glance into the history of the temples, we get that the first temples were built in clay and timber, then came the cave temples with the stone carvings and heavy stone pillared structures, mandapas with elaborate sculptures, sadas for dancing & wide circumnutating passages with other deities placed around the main deity constitute a temple complex which were based on different style and architecture in the later period..Though there were changes in the style and architecture of the north Indian and south Indian temples, certain basic rules fundamental to Hinduism were followed regarding the position of the garba griha, gopura, directions of the other deities, etc.

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